Feedback and Complaints Management System


We have a close-loop feedback and complaint management system to gather and address all feedback and complaints received from students, staff, external partners or the public. We shall address and resolve feedback and complaints within 21 working days. The person giving the feedback or making the complaint shall be notified of the action taken, and where appropriate and applicable, the action taken shall be publicised on our website, especially if the matter is of public interest. Unless otherwise required by law, privacy and confidentiality shall be maintained at all times.

You can give feedback and make complaints through the following channels:

The system is designed to address in an objective, fair and reasonable manner grievances related to academic matters such as appeals against result, for re-instatement, suspension, expulsion, awards, etc, as well as grievances related to lapses in service standards. If Management cannot resolve the dispute, the matter will be referred to the CPE Student Services Centre (SSC) for external mediation.