Facilities and Programmes to Enrich Educational Experience


We have 5 classrooms. All classrooms are fully furnished, air-conditioned and equipped with LCD projectors. We maintain a low teacher-student ratio of 1:16 at the minimum and maximum of 1:31 to achieve a suitable balance for positive group learning.

Below is a summary of the floor area and capacity of each classroom:

6th Floor
Classroom 1:      31 students
Classroom 3:      16 students
Classroom 4:      22 students
Classroom 5:      29 students

3rd Floor
Shared Classroom:      13 students

Computer Lab

We have 9 desktop PCs (12.92 m2) with broadband connection to the Internet to help students with their project work and enrichment activities.

Resource Corner

We have a resource corner stocked with recommended textbooks. It also has a collection of AV materials, magazines and prospectus about career opportunities and access to higher education.

Hotel Training Lab

We have a hotel training lab to train students to carry out housekeeping tasks.

Restaurant Training Lab

We have a restaurant training lab to train students to carry out functions in a fine dining restaurant and bar.

Wireless Internet Connection

We are Wi-Fi enabled. Students can bring their notebook PCs and get connected to the internet.

Extra Classes

We provide extra classes to improve the performance of students who are below par at no extra charge.

Facilities Maintenance System

We have put in place a Facilities Maintenance System to manage our facilities and infrastructure optimally to provide a better teaching and learning environment. We welcome any feedback or complaints with regard to facilities and infrastructure. You may contact our Student Services Department at 6238 7638 or email enquire@bostonbiz.edu.sg to help us address a specific problem when it arises.