Business and Technical Education Council (BTEC)

Pearson Education is the world’s leading and largest learning company with 150 years of experience in publishing latest learning technology and online support. An education and assessment service provider in over 70 countries, Pearson takes learning personally.

Pearson BTECs are a suite of world-class industry oriented qualifications that feature practical, real-world learning approach in helping students advance their skills. Established since 1973 in UK as Business and Technical Education Council, BTEC qualifications cover a wide range of disciplines, industry sectors and knowledge. These programs are designed specifically to meet the training and skills needs of the workplace and provide opportunities for ongoing learning and career development.

Over 100 universities worldwide recognise BTEC qualifications for progression so graduates can pursue a top-up final year degree with British, Australia and US universities. Find out more HERE.

Official website: Business and Technology Education Council

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