Hospitality Courses

The Specialist Diploma in Hospitality Management is an entry level course to local and international students looking for a start in the hospitality industry. It consists of 6 months theory followed by 6 months of work experience. Course Graduates could take the pathway to CTH L4 Diploma in Hospitality Management.

CTH Level 4 aims to provide understanding of the operational aspects of the international hotel industry and knowledge of the underlying principles involved by combining practical career-based elements with a number of essential underpinning management disciplines. Graduates could take a pathway to advanced study, typically progressing on to the CTH Level 5 Diploma or Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management.

CTH Level 5 aims to provide students with an understanding of the managerial, decision-making and leadership aspects of the hospitality industry. In addition it is also designed to develop independent research and study skills required when working at senior managerial level in the industry.

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Hospitality Management (QCF) students have to successfully complete 7 mandatory core units as well as 9 optional units.